Apr 122011

Travel and hotel reviews web site TripAdvisor seems to be on a scorching growth ride.

The popular web site is tooting the horn today that it currently lists 45 million reviews and opinions.

Apparently, 23 new contributions are posted every minute. Since October 2010, the site has added five million reviews and opinions.

As of March 2011, TripAdvisor is said to have 45 million reviews and opinions covering:

* 85,000 destinations

* 474,000 hotels

* 100,000 vacation rentals

* 135,000 attractions

* 675,000 restaurants

* 6 million traveler photos

To coincide with the rapid expansion in content, TripAdvisor has since 2010 launched in Argentina, Greece, Indonesia, Russia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Norway, Poland, Taiwan and lately in Malaysia.

In all, TripAdvisor operates in 29 countries and is available in 20 languages.

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