May 022016

American desis now have a fancy new way to burn their money.

For a mere $38,000, Indians can board an Etihad Airbus A380 at JFK International Airport in New York City, enter a three-room suite called The Residence and get pampered in a luxurious setting all the way to Mumbai

Oh, the $38,000 is just for a one-way ticket for two people.

A round trip ticket for a desi couple from NYC to Mumbai and back should set them back a little over $72,000.

Etihad Airways is offering the A380 daily service in both directions between Mumbai and New York JFK International via a connecting flight at Abu Dhabi

NYC desis can book a seat to Mumbai on Etihad’s Residence via a travel agent or on the airline’s web site.

Knowing my people well, I cannot imagine a desi couple ever spending $72,000 for a trip to Mera Bharat Mahaan.

Not in a million years.

Residence Suite

So what do you get for $38,000?

Etihad is promoting the Residence as an ultra-private, three-room suite featuring a living room with a 32” LCD monitor, a bedroom with a double bed and a separate en-suite shower room with a toilet.

You also get a dedicated personal Butler trained at the Savoy Butler Academy in London (no less) to pamper you, bring your meals, polish your shoes etc.

The cabin also comes with a private chef ready to custom-create menus to order.

Not So Rich

For those too poor to afford a Residence on the A380 flight from NYC to Mumbai, there are nine ‘Apartments‘ in First Class.

Etihad’s ‘Apartments’ are billed as private living spaces with a flat-screen television, a chilled mini-bar, personal vanity unit, wardrobe and a ‘fully equipped’ shower room.

Don’t ask what’s a ‘fully equipped’ shower room but I’m sure it won’t include a tub.

If you can’t even afford an ‘Apartment’ on the A380, you can make do with a ‘Business Studio‘ on the upper deck of the A380. All Business Class seats offer direct aisle access and a fully flat bed.

There is a luxurious lounge located between the First Class and Business Class cabins with two sofas and a staffed bar.

Cattle Class

In what Indian politician Shashi Tharoor once famously called the cattle class, there are 415 Economy Seats on the main deck for the hoi polloi.

Ethihad’s A380 operates on one of the five-daily scheduled flights between Mumbai and Abu Dhabi.

Etihad Airways operates three flights and its codeshare partner Jet Airways operates two.

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