May 292013

A new survey on tipping has shown that Germans and Americans are dumber than Italians, French, Spanish and the Brits.


Because Germans and Americans are more likely to leave a tip while traveling.

The survey by TripAdvisor found that 69% of Germans and 57% of Americans always leave a tip while they’re on a trip.

Here’s nations from a bunch of countries tip when they’re on a trip.

1. Germans – 69%
2. Americans – 57%
3. Russians – 53%
4. Brazilians – 40%
5. French – 39%
6. Brits – 39%
7. Spanish – 36%
8. Italians – 23%

Americans are the worst when it comes to tipping during vacations.

The survey found 99% of Americans tip on vacation compared to the average of 43% who always tip among seven other countries.

In our view, tipping is a lousy trick played by businesses to pass on the cost of paying their employees to customers.

The TripAdvisor survey did not cover Indians, who are smart enough to seldom tip.

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